Which is Better?: Turntable vs. Record Player 

Which is Better?: Turntable vs. Record Player 

If you’re first getting into the vinyl world, you may not know the best option to play your records. Sometimes people use the words turntable and record player interchangeably, but they aren’t exactly the same. 

Oh, but don’t you worry—our team of vinyl enthusiasts at 7th Heaven have all the deets on the vinyl record industry (and it’s been that way for over 40 years!). Read on to learn more about a turntable vs. record player and which one would work best for you. 

If you’re looking for convenience: Record player

Both turntables and record players require different parts to produce a sound: the actual turntable, a Phono preamp, amplifier, and speakers. With a record player, you get everything you need in one device, so you won’t have to worry about set up or buying anything extra. You simply plug the player and you’re ready to play. 

Many people turn to record players because they are typically the cheaper option; plus, they’re often easier to lug around if you want to show off your new records to your friends. 

If you’re looking for amazing sound: Turntable 

We’re not saying you can’t get great sound quality from a record player; you can if you buy a high-quality one. What we will say is that a high-quality record player still can’t compare to the sound of a high-quality turntable. 


It’s mainly because turntables don’t come with everything all included. Instead, you’ll have to get additional equipment like a preamp (though some are included), amplifier of some sort, and great speakers. While that may sound like a bunch of work, setting the equipment up isn’t super hard, and you’ll really be able to vibe out like a pro. 

Let 7th Heaven help you choose between a turntable vs. record player

No matter what you choose, we’ve got you covered. We’re all about helping people in the Kansas City area get the most out of their vinyl record experience. Our vinyl underground is full of vinyl equipment, including turntables, speakers, cartridges, needles, and more to get you started.

Looking for dope records?

We’ve got that too. Whether you’re a student looking to bring vinyl records to campus or you simply want to add to your home collection, we sell new, used, and even local vinyl records of all genres. Let’s just say, if it’s got to do with vinyl, we’ve got you, fam. Plus, if you’re tired of an old vinyl record, we’ll give you cash for it (yep, cash not store credit). 

Join us for Record Store Day 2020  on August 29th or just drop on in at your convenience!


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