Which Vinyl Records Are In-Demand?

So you’ve made the decision to sell your vinyl record collection for some cash. That’s great! However, just because your vinyl is vintage doesn’t mean it’s worth a lot of money. A record is only going to be worth more money if the demand is high. Usually, the most popular vinyl records, and the ones that are the most in-demand, are the ones from big-name artists or ones that are harder to find. 

Vinyl records from Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, and similar bands are generally going to do better on the resale market. Genre also plays a factor as well, with Woodstock-era bands tending to do well. Basically, your best bet is going to come from artists with long-term staying power. 

That’s not necessarily a hard and fast rule, however. Records can also be valuable if they come from artists who’ve shown to have an influence in the music industry. For example, some of the most valuable vinyl albums come from artists like Frank Wilson or The Velvet Underground, who weren’t necessarily popular in their time. 

Such is the case with those particular artists, value can also come from scarcity. Wilson’s Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) is one of the most expensive records of all time, because of both his influence and how rare the record is to be found. So, if you happen to have rare records from a popular artist, you could be looking at serious cash.

More likely, though, you probably have something like Michael Jackson’s Thriller or Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon laying around. That’s perfectly okay too! To this day, those are two of the most popular selling vinyl albums. As long as the album you’re selling is in good shape, you can make some money selling popular albums from popular artists. 

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