Do Record Stores Still Exist?

Used Record Stores in Kansas City

Do used record stores exist in Kansas City? In the words of great American hero Hulk Hogan: Hell yeah, brother! New and used record stores are thriving as vinyl looks to become the most popular physical medium for music. So if you’ve been wondering where to buy vinyl records in Kansas City, wonder no more. Come to 7th Heaven to experience Kansas City’s WILD SIDE and check out The Vinyl Underground — the best used record store in Kansas City!

Kansas City’s Favorite Used Record Store

We have been catering to KC’s alternative community for 46 years with our Smoke Shop, Sex Shop, and Vinyl Underground. In fact, we got our start selling bootleg 8-tracks, so music has always been a major part of our identity. 

It was local radio that helped us make our name. We pay it forward by providing a home for all the vinyl record and music enthusiasts who want an excellent selection of vinyl and accessories, as well as experts to help with your questions. 

In addition to the many great hits you would expect to find, we’re proud to offer music from local musicians. Come to what will no doubt be your new favorite used record store and find out what sweet tunes other Kansas Citians are producing. 

The best deals and events for music lovers

You can always count on The Vinyl Underground to participate in fun events like Record Store Day and RSD Black Friday.  These types of events give used record stores like us access to exclusive vinyl record releases and allow us to celebrate all the good things locally owned record stores do for their communities across the globe, not just here in Kansas City. 

Sell Your Used Records

If you already have way too many records and you want to clean out some space, bring us your vinyl records and we’ll give you cash! Do we already have an incredible selection of new and used vinyl? Of course we do, but we still want yours! 

Kansas City’s Used Record Store That Has It All

Visit our location on Troost Ave to check out the entire floor of our building dedicated to all things vinyl. We have new and used LPs, 45s, and 78s as well as turntables, needles, cartridges, head shells, sleeves, record cleaning supplies, and anything else you may need to make your vinyl dreams come true. Our facilities are clean and bright, so you can easily find what you’re looking for. If you’re not sure what you want, our music experts will be stoked to guide you through what we offer. When it comes to used record stores in Kansas City, we’re the one-stop vinyl shop.