The Beatles Revolver New Vinyl Thursday

It’s The Beatles Revolver New Vinyl Thursday at The Vinyl Underground at 7th Heaven. Check out this week’s list of new vinyl arrivals:

Arctic Monkeys – The Car (Colored Vinyl, Indie Exclusive, Digital Download Card)

Alvvays – Blue Rev – Marbled Blue (Blue Colored Vinyl)

A Day to Remember – Common Courtesy (Lemon & Milky Clear Vinyl)

Al Green – I’m Still In Love With You (Green Colored Vinyl, Indie Exclusive, Anniversary Edition, Smoke)

Art Blakey & Jazz Messengers – Reflections In Blue (Blue Colored Vinyl, Limited Edition, 180 Gram Vinyl)

The Beatles – Revolver Special Edition (4 LP Boxed Set / With Bonus 7″, 180 Gram Vinyl, With Book)

The Beatles – Revolver Special Edition (180 Gram Vinyl, Indie Exclusive, w/Tote Bag)

Bill Evans Trio – Waltz For Debby (180 Gram Vinyl, Colored Vinyl, Pink, With Bonus 7″)

Bjork – Vespertine

Bon Iver – For Emma Forever Ago

Black Sabbath – Paranoid (180 Gram Vinyl, Limited Edition, Black)

Chris Isaak – San Francisco Days (Red Colored VinyL, Indie Exclusive)

Coolio – My Soul – 25th Anniversary (140 Gram Vinyl)

The Damned – A Night Of A Thousand Vampires (180 Gram Vinyl, Limited Edition, Indie Exclusive)

Death Cab for Cutie – Asphalt Meadows (180 Gram Vinyl, Pink Colored Vinyl, Limited Edition, Indie Exclusive)

Foo Fighters – The Essential Foo Fighters (Gatefold LP Jacket, 140 Gram Vinyl)

Frankie Ballard – Rhythm Blues Party (White Colored Vinyl, Indie Exclusive)

Ghost Funk Orchestra – A New Kind Of Love – Transparent Red (Red Clear Vinyl, Indie Exclusive)

The Ghost – IMPERA (Limited Edition, Colored Vinyl, Booklet, Sticker, Indie Exclusive)

INXS – Shabooh Shoobah (Clear Vinyl, 140 Gram Vinyl, Brick & Mortar Exclusive)

INXS – The Swing (Blue Colored Vinyl, 140 Gram Vinyl, Brick & Mortar Exclusive)

King Crimson – Beat – Steven Wilson & Robert Fripp Mixes (200 Gram Vinyl, Anniversary Edition)

King Crimson – Discipline – Steven Wilson & Robert Fripp Mixes (200 Gram Vinyl, Anniversary Edition)

King Crimson – Three Of A Perfect Pair – Steven Wilson & Robert Fripp Mixes (200 Gram Vinyl, Anniversary Edition)

Kyuss – Blues For The Red Sun (Gold Colored Vinyl, 140 Gram Vinyl, Brick & Mortar Exclusive)

Khruangbin – Mordechai

Kendrick Lamar – Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers

Lou Reed – Words and Music, 1965

Weekly Review:

Singer/songwriter and band leader Lou Reed first recorded with Welsh underground multi-instrumentalist John Cale in 1964 on the forgotten novelty song “The Ostrich.”
When the two convened in May, 1965, to work on more of Reed’s songs the result couldn’t have been more different. Instead of the copycat, work-for-hire knock-offs Reed wrote for his day job at Pickwick Records, the material he presented to Cale was dark and adventurous with an obvious debt to Bob Dylan.
Shortly after working up these 11 songs with Cale, Reed mailed the tape of those recordings to himself where they remained sealed as a poor man’s copyright until years after Reed’s death in 2013.
The archival release of these songs – along with five other, earlier songs and one from 1958 – provide the earliest known versions of several future Velvet Underground classics.
The amateur recording environment, stop-start nature of the songs and ad hoc giggles and asides find Reed and Cale feeling their way through the material. They aren’t preserving definitive performances. The duo are just trying to capture some ideas.
Here, “Pale Blue Eyes” is almost a country song and “I’m Waiting for the Man” carries a folky jangle with vocal harmonies that recall the Kingsman. By the time we hear the next recordings of Reed and Cale working on these songs (released on the first disc of the 1995 box set Peel Slowly and See) these affectations are gone.
Home recordings of Reed singing “Michael Row the Boat Ashore” and Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright” aren’t as illuminating, but provide a peak at the genesis of a generational talent.
The lo-fi, archival nature of Words and Music, 1965, makes it a poor entry point for newcomers. Reed scholars will find it fascinating and indispensable. – Joel Francis

Lauryn Hill- Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

My Chemical Romance – Black Parade

Mac Dre – The Genie Of The Lamp

Michael Jackson – Thriller (Picture Disc)

M83 – Junk (180 Gram Vinyl)

Mickey Murray – Shout Bamalama & Others (White Colored Vinyl, Indie Exclusive)

Parliament – Osmium

Queens Of The Stone Age- Queens Of The Stone Age

Regina Spektor – Home, Before And After (Colored Vinyl, Ruby, Red, Indie Exclusive)

Siouxsie & Banshees – All Souls (180 Gram Vinyl, Half-Speed Mastering)

Stanley Turrentine – Common Touch

Surprise Chef – All New Is Good News

Surprise Chef – Daylight Savings

Surprise Chef – Education & Recreation (Red Clear Vinyl, Indie Exclusive)

Sex Pistols – Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols (Colored Vinyl, 140 Gram Vinyl, Brick & Mortar Exclusive)

S.G. Goodman – Teeth Marks
Weekly Review:
You don’t get much more Southern than Kentucky based singer, songwriter S.G. Goodman.
Born in a small Mississippi town to a Family with a long history of sharecropping, her debut album “Old Time Feeling” featured a faded photo of a base ball cap wearing redneck holding up a newly decapitated snake like a prize trophy.
Her blunt look at coming out as a gay woman in the Deep South, amongst other things, is both revealing and redemptive.
On her second, self produced, album “Summer Teeth,” Goodman widens the lens both musically and sonically. Where “Old Time Feeling” may have positioned her nicely in the New Nashville set. “Summer Teeth” has her pitching her tent in the worlds indie rock, r&b, and even soul.
The title track and first song on the album, at first glance, appears as a haunting song about unrequited love. The atmospheric Sonic Youth inspired guitar drones combined with the repeated line “Maybe in time you’ll see things my way” seem to cut much deeper, resonating  mismatched lovers with larger issues so prevalent today’s political world.
Luckily, hope is given with the up tempo garage rocker “All My Love Is Coming Back.” The track “Heart Swell” settles into a more classic soul/ crooner vibe complete with reverb thick backups and slow thumping, cardboard box drums.
Musically, the side B opener, “Work Until I Die,” has more in common with paisley underground legends The Bangles than it does with Loretta Lynn.  It’s galloping beat and thwakity bass line is the perfect modern vehicle for classic factory town lament.
In an interview Goodman claims that, “Keeper Of The Time,” the final track on Teeth marks a full circle with issues of coming out as a queer artist from the rural South. This beautiful, heart wrenching ballad displays her perfectly imperfect wavering voice as it testifies “It’s not something you should remember.”
It’s a cliche but there’s something so fresh and yet familiar about Goodman’s sound. Her music mirrors her life in how both seem to be breaking new ground while at the same time staying connected to the beauty inherent in their origins.  -Major Matt

Soccer Mommy – Sometimes, Forever Colored Vinyl, Limited Edition, Indie Exclusive)

The Strokes – The New Abnormal (180 Gram Vinyl, Poster, Download Insert)

Suicidal Tendencies – Suicidal Tendencies

Theo Croker – Jazz At Berlin Philharmonic Xii: Sketches Of Miles (180 Gram Vinyl, Digital Download Card)

Tom Waits – Alice – Anniversary Edition – (Metallic Gold Vinyl, 180 Gram Vinyl, Anniversary Edition)

Tumi Mogorosi – Group Theory: Black Music

Twenty One Pilots – Blurryface (Silver Vinyl FBR Anniversary)

Vacant Lots – Damage Control

Wilco – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Weekly Review:
In the context of today’s present pop music climate of seemingly endless genre mixing and collaborations it’s a little difficult to see how totally groundbreaking Wilco’s 2001 studio album, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, was to the world of rock and alt country (a genre frontman Jeff Tweedy is often credited as defining nearly a decade earlier with his band Uncle Tupelo).
Following an invitation to play at the 2000 Noise Pop Festival in Chicago, Tweedy was offered a collaboration with the artist of his choosing. He chose Jim O’Rourke based upon O’Rourke’s album, Bad Timing, of which Tweedy was a huge fan.  Along with drummer Glenn Kotche, the pair enjoyed working together so much they collaborated on a six song recording project entitled Loose Fur.
When it was time for Wilco to record their fourth studio album the band started demoing songs but rapidly fell into conflict, largely attributed to the inflexibility of the band’s drummer at the time Ken Coomer.
Tweedy remembered Kotche from working with Loose Fur and asked him to sit on some of the new Wilco demos.  They clicked and Kotche soon replaced Coomer as Wilco’s new drummer.  O’Rourke was hired to mix the album.
Tweedy’s new sweeping vision combined with O’Rourke’s openness to experimentation resulted in Wilco’s label Reprise Records refusing to release the album and eventually dropping the band from the label all together.
Wilco regained the rights to “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” and opted to stream the entire album for free on their website. The band would later sign with Nonesuch Records and officially release the album on April 23, 2002.
Even though the album showcased a more expansive and experimental sound than their previous work it’s has been, YHF is Wilco’s best selling and most well received album.
The entire ordeal was captured in the black and what documentary film “I Am Trying To Break Your Heart” by director Sam Jones.
The craft and songwriting seem to flow so effortlessly, while tracks like the opener,  “I Am Trying To Break Your Heart” (clocking in at nearly seven minutes) unfolds like waking from a circus dream of the heart in slow motion.
Tweedy’s romantically surreal lyrics combined with elaborately designed sound scapes took the rootsy genre of alt country to a place never seen before.
To celebrate the 20th anniversary of this ground breaking record Wilco have announced multiple deluxe reissue editions featuring previously unreleased recordings.
The super deluxe edition is available as an 11xLP. It includes 82 previously unreleased tracks and a book with new liner notes from Bob Mehr and interviews with Jeff Tweedy, Glenn Kotche, and Jim O’Rourke. It also includes photos chronicling the album’s creation.
Other reissue editions include the 7xLP deluxe edition with 39 unreleased tracks, a digital deluxe edition with 49 unreleased tracks, a standard 2xLP pressing, and a 2xCD version with 18 bonus tracks.
This is a proper reissue for an epic piece of sonic art.   -Major Matt

White Zombie – Astro-Creep: 2000

White Zombie- La Sexorcisto: Devil Music (180 Gram Vinyl, Reissue)


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