Celebrate National Record Store Day Black Friday With Kansas City’s Premier Record Store Near You

We know you’re tired of searching “record store near me” and not knowing whether the results are what you’re really looking for. Are they stores that are truly going to cater to the wide and wonderful world of vinyl? Or will it just be a few boxes of records in a novelty shop? When you’re shopping for vinyl records in Kansas City, you shouldn’t settle for less than the best. 

Let’s be honest — we love ALL independent new and used record stores, but at The Vinyl Underground at 7th Heaven, we simply have an unmatched collection. Our favorite part about the span of our collection (from rock and jazz to country and oldies) is that it even includes vinyl from talented local musicians! 

Old school vinyl vets and new fans alike can come find anything and everything you’re looking for to celebrate National Record Store Day Black Friday (but we all know every day is better with some sweet vinyl tunes). We have an entire floor of our building dedicated to satisfying the needs of music lovers throughout the city! But what else would you expect from the store that got started because the owner was slinging bootleg 8-tracks out of the back of his van? 

Whether you want LPs, 45s, or good old 78s, we’ve got you covered. To be fair to the rest of our amazing stock, we also carry cassettes, 8-tracks, reel-to-reel, concert, lowbrow, stereo equipment, needles, cleaning supplies—we could really go on and on here… you should probably just stop by our location on Troost Ave and take a look for yourself. 

Learn more about what is bound to become your new favorite record store near you by reading on about Christmas for music lovers—Record Store Day.

What’s Record Store Day?

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Record Store Day is a day to celebrate and spread the word about the thousands of super cool independently owned record stores across the world. It’s a day of special vinyl and album releases in honor of the unique role independent record stores play in their communities. The idea was first thought up by a group of record store owners and employees. They (rightfully) thought there should be a way to bring more attention to record stores and the value they bring to their communities. 

Today RSD is flourishing! We get to enjoy solidarity with our fellow record stores all across the world and remind folks that shopping local should be your priority. 

Most years, RSD happens just once. The organization in charge of RSD works with independent and major record labels all year in order to create the contests, special releases, and promotions we all use to spotlight the importance and benefits of supporting independent, locally-owned record stores all year. 

As Kansas City’s long-term record store and home of alternative lifestyles, we made sure KC participated in all THREE Record Store Days held this year (2020 can’t take everything from us!). RSD Black Friday just adds to the fun we’ve been having already.

Is Record Store Day Black Friday Still Happening?

Even with the huge changes in all of our lives because of the pandemic, Record Store Day (RSD) Black Friday goes on! This year’s Black Friday takes place November 27th and we are stoked to participate by offering a selection of RSD Black Friday special vinyl releases

Expect music from beloved labels like Def Jam, Death Row Records, Rise Records, Legacy, and more. For those of you who have enjoyed previous years of RSD Black Friday, the experience won’t be too different this year! Just grab your mask and head in for some of the best deals on records all year. 

RSD Black Friday 2020 Exclusive Releases

There are more than 100 INCREDIBLE releases slated for this year’s RSD Black Friday. We won’t be able to offer every single one at our location, but we will be sure to have a broad selection. Here’s a brief list of just some of the huge names you can expect to have releases:

  • Alice in Chains
  • Anthrax
  • The Bangles
  • Beastie Boys
  • Chuck Berry
  • Nick Cave
  • Chris Cornell
  • Dio
  • DMX
  • Jerry Garcia Band
  • Hootie & The Blowfish
  • Ice-T
  • Jewel
  • Norah Jones
  • Lil Wayne
  • Little Richard
  • Motorhead
  • Willie Nelson
  • My Chemical Romance
  • Ol’ Dirty Bastard
  • The Rolling Stones
  • Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood
  • The Weeknd
  • Hank Williams
  • And much, much more

Yes, that’s right. Those absolute legends make up just a fraction of what will be available for the holiday season. Don’t miss out on these exclusives—they are made in limited quantities! 

What’s the difference between Record Store Day and RSD Black Friday?

The biggest difference between Record Store Day and RSD Black Friday is that Record Store Day releases are for ONE DAY only, but we can sell the Black Friday releases throughout the holiday season while our supplies last. 

RSD Black Friday came about in 2010 when organizers decided to redirect the attention on the nation’s biggest shopping day of the year back toward local shops. We recommend you show up the day-of to snag great deals on sweet tunes for RSD Black Friday, but if you can’t just be sure to check back ASAP! We’ll keep the deals rolling.

This year’s RSD Black Friday is even more special for us at 7th Heaven since we’re celebrating 46 (!!) years of being KC’s favorite record store. If you’re looking for where to buy records in Kansas City, you’ve found the place. We may be getting old, but we don’t feel it yet

Why Buy Vinyl from a Record Store Near Me?

hand browsing through stacks of vinyl at a record store near you

There really is no shortage of reasons to love vinyl—not just listening to your favorite tunes through the medium of vinyl records, but also the ownership of something you love. Let’s explore some of our favorite reasons to buy vinyl records from a local record store.

1. Because it’s awesome

A gorgeous collection of vinyl is probably going to provoke more of a reaction than even the most curated of digital playlists. People often say the first thing they look for in a new acquaintance’s home is their bookshelf; you could really knock someone’s socks off with a sweet selection of vinyl. You don’t have to be into vintage things to appreciate the unique beauty of vinyl. After all, there’s a reason all your favorite modern artists are still having music produced onto vinyl records, and that reason is because it’s awesome.

2. Two words: COVER ART

If you stream most of your music, you’re probably missing part of the story. An album is more than the tracks on it. While you may be able to see a small picture of the album art on your phone, you can’t really look at it. Do yourself a favor and take a moment to check out how stunning the album art is on the upcoming RSD Black Friday releases

The large format of the vinyl album covers gives space to create a feast for your eyes so they don’t get jealous of your ears. Decorate your apartment with album art from your vinyl! You’ll easily be the coolest person in your friend group. Share your collection of cover art with Instagram! Be inspired to make your own art! Being surrounded by beauty makes your thoughts more beautiful. 

3. Unplug from the world

Putting on a record and kicking back is a great way to unplug from the world of screens for a while. Give your eyes a break from the blue light and watch the mesmerizing spin of the vinyl instead. Or just close your eyes and sink into the deep, unique sound of a vinyl record (maybe with one of our amazing smoking accessories in hand). 

We all want to keep things chill, but no one is immune to the state of the world we’re living in. Self-care is IMPORTANT. YOU ARE IMPORTANT. Take time for yourself away from everything else and curl up with music that makes you feel the way you actually want to. 

4. Enjoy the one-of-a-kind sound

Listening to vinyl records provides an experience for your ears that’s practically tactile. Digital music just can’t reproduce the gentle whir of the record player or that tasty little crunch of the needle as it finds its place. It’s more than music, it’s sensual (and if you want to take sensual to the next level, check out our Love Shop for the best adult toys in Kansas City).

5. Become one with the ritual

A good ritual is addictive, and any vinyl enthusiast will tell you that listening to and maintaining their vinyl collection is a good ritual. You have to keep your turntable and records clean to keep them sounding sexy. Luckily at The Vinyl Underground, we have all of the record cleaning supplies you need to maintain and restore your record collection. People also tend to create something of a shrine out of their turntable and record collection, which is only natural. Add a candle or incense to light, maybe a floor cushion or something to get comfortable on. Create a full-body meditative experience out of your vinyl ritual. 

6. The perfect gift for music lovers

The holiday season gets us thinking about the people we care about and the ways we can show it. If you love folks who love music, give them what they really want: VINYL! We carry everything you need, from new and used equipment to the latest new releases on vinyl. And as we already mentioned, just in time for the holidays we will have special RSD Black Friday releases available Friday, November 27th! 

Basically, if you haven’t been hearing about how awesome vinyl is lately, you may be named Patrick Star and you may be living under a rock. Toward the end of last year, Rolling Stone reported that vinyl was on the brink of outselling CDs for the first time since 1986. Sales of vinyl records have been growing constantly over years while CD sales are on decline. 

So while digital streaming has become and will likely remain a key way to purchase and enjoy music, the verdict is in: Vinyl is the king of physical music purchases. It’s sexy, it’s cool, and everybody knows it. A vinyl collection is an emotional investment in your music AND yourself. It’s an investment that’s well worth making. 

Exposure for Local Artists

The Vinyl Underground is so much more than a record store just around the corner. We are a hub for local artists to get their music heard by the community. Big and small names alike have come to us for exposure. Acts like The Whispers, Megadeth, Messy Marv, George Clinton, Limp Bizkit, and hometown hero Tech N9ne have all graced our shelves and our space (does anyone remember when Limp Bizkit performed in our parking lot?). 

Add your name to the list of incredible local talent selling their records through The Vinyl Underground. There’s not much that’s more important to us than getting local music into the community where it belongs.

Sell Your Used Vinyl for Cash

Not only do we take pride in supporting local artists by featuring their music, we’re happy to support anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit who wants to unload used vinyl It doesn’t matter how much vinyl we’ve already got, we’re always buying. If you’re moving or doing some spring cleaning and need to make room, bring us your vinyl! 

Did you inherit your grandma’s collection of records? Did your crappy ex leave you with a bunch of Greg Belson’s Divine Disco? Maybe you need to make some room in your collection for the RSD Black Friday releases! Whatever the reason, we really don’t care. Just bring your stuff to us and leave with some cash.

Record Store Day Black Friday and More at The Vinyl Underground

Here’s the deal, Kansas City: we’re not just a record store near you, we are THE record store near you. Come by to see our amazing collection of new and used vinyl records and chill with the city’s biggest music enthusiasts. If you want to know what’s been happening in The Vinyl Underground, check out the latest news. Don’t forget to pick up your smoke and sex accessories while you’re visiting! 

Come take a walk on Kansas City’s wild side at 7th Heaven.


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