Rap Attack #3 at 7th Heaven

It’s Rap Attack #3 at 7th Heaven! Attention Attackers- summer is finally here and the pools are open. Rap Attack is bringing you the latest of what’s hot and coming up for this summer.


Out the gate Red Dot & Mozzy ( Mob Ties) Killa Mindstate starts at the gate slappin Beats fre Melly G. Definitely sure to be one of the summer bangers. With 14 songs dropping on May 27th make sure you check this out.

DA truth

Da T.R.U.T.H ( It’s Complicated) Nuff said cause it is. No, but really this is a gospel rap artist. Check him out, he’s one of the few artists that is actually talking about something. 14 tracks. Drops June 3rd.


Ro James ( Eldorado) this Soulful melodic artist gives you a sound a Prince with a hint of Frank Ocean and it’s a little bit of Marvin Gaye. He’s already given us “Permission” which is blowing up the charts right now. Number 10 on Billboard. In “All Day I” he damn near sounds like the late and great Prince. Sacramento great voice. 13 tracks. June 3rd.


The great gospel legend Shirley Caesar has dropped another album once again and is looking as beautiful and youthful as ever. ( Fill this House) 11 tracks and collaborations with Anthony Hamilton and Hezekiah Walker. June 3rd.


Okay okay Jazz lovers you’ve been asking so here it goes. Mr Kim Waters, this saxophone jazz player, has dropped well over 20 albums- to be exact 22. “Rhythm & Romance” is his latest project with 10 Tracks this saxophone literally sings, speaks, and makes love to you. Check him out and have a glass of wine; it’s on me. Drops June 3rd.

dj quick

The time is NOW  for my old school lovers and my 80’s babies. Dj Quick is back. Sadly it’s just a Ep with only 6 tracks but he does bring the heat with artists like Wiz Khalifa, The Game, problem, and a couple of others. This is definitely too short, but sure to be a crowd-pleaser from one of the bay area’s finest voices. June 3rd.


Mistah Fab is keeping the old school theme going. “Son of Pimp pt2” is the latest installment from this rapper. This heavy hitter has 33 albums under his belt. It’s no surprise that this album is going to be a summer banger with all 21 tracks with appearances by Kendrick Lamar, Jadakiss, Kansas City Missouri’s Tech Nine, and my pal and yours, Too Short.

This has been 7th Heaven Rap Attack #3. Thanks for reading, now come get some new music. We are open until 9 pm. Mention this newsletter and get a free $5 CD with any regular priced CD you buy.

Rap Attack #3 out.

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