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This week’s feature…..


Ampichichino a.k.a Anthony Hunt comes from the stomping  grounds of Akron,OH. Since 2002 this heavy hitter has been knockin flo’s. Standing strong and climbing at #15 on the Hot Rap Songs and Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop charts. With 16 albums under his belt this man has stance strong in the hip-hop world. Now his new AK album, AK stands for Ampichino and King  Locust team up doing a whole album together. With already having done several collabos with each other over the years. Decided to get in the booth and knock us out with AK, sounds like “Planet of Da Apes”  “Watch yo Girl” and my favorite “Get High” with 25 tracks their’s something for everybody. Making this album a pleaser.


Young D. Williams is Kansas City’s own. In the rap and hip hop world he is also known as “Young Devi D” if you don’t know who this man is then you’ve been living under a rock. On the label Nexxt level, Devi’s album “Chess not Checkers” has been highly anticipated. With songs like “Don’t Judge Me,” “Can’t wait,” and of course “Young Fly Nigga”. Young Devi has been grindin in this game well over a decade, and by the sounds of (Chess not Checkers) he has strategically set his self up for (checkmate) to all that oppose!


Joe Blow is back with his latest installment (You Should Be Paying Me Too) so when Blow dis “Killa City” it started a whole heap of shit! Some say this was just a ploy to make record sales, but you be the judge. “Heard They Snitchin” is the track in question.


Corinne Bailey Rae has been in hiding for the past 10 yrs, but comes in like a sweet summer breeze pulling you in with her soothing voice. Her track “Green Aphrodisiac” is the first release from (The Heart Speaks in Whispers) this soulful siren is once again a crowd-pleaser!



Street Knowledge – Kill Yaself. (In loving memory of the Jacka)


Bankroll Mafia -Trade Mark (T.I. & Young Thug)  

Kansas City feature……….

Ronald White b.k.a Ron Ron a name givin to him by his grandmother and kept in her memory. A East side Kansas City native who made a name for himself on a mixtape with the song “Hey Honey” getting massive digital download sales. He has a created albums in the double digits as well as many mixtape features. If your looking for the sound of KC this east side cat is one of many that represent Kansas City.


5/21 Purple Party for Prince @ Uptown @ 7:00 T

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