Metallica New Vinyl Thursday

It’s Metallica New Vinyl Thursday! Garage Days is finally available on vinyl again- indie only orange vinyl! See all the deatils below along with all of the rest of this week’s new vinyl arrivals:

311 – Greatest Hits 93-03 (150 Gram Vinyl, Gatefold LP Jacket, Download Insert, 2PC)

AC/DC – High Voltage (Cream Coloured Vinyl)

Alice Bag – Blueprint (Colored Vinyl, Blue, Indie Exclusive, Digital Download Card)

Art Blakey – Moanin (180 Gram Vinyl, Limited Edition, Colored Vinyl, Red, Remastered)

America – America (180 Gram Vinyl)

Bob Dylan – Freewheeling ‘ Outtakes (Limited Import, Picture Disc)

Bootsy Collins – World Wide Funk (140 Gram Vinyl, Digital Download Card)

Calum Scott – Only Human

Cavern Of Anti-Matter – Hormone Lemonade (Digital Download Card, 2PC)

Courtney Marie Andrews – May Your Kindness Remain (Indie Exclusive)

Chance The Rapper ‎– 10 Day (Limited Import)

Chance The Rapper ‎– Coloring Book (Limited Import)

Charles Bradley – Changes

Childish Gambino – Stn Mtn / Kauai (Limited Import, Colored Vinyl)

The Cranberries – Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?

David Bowie – Changestwobowie (Black, Blue)

Dan Auerbach – Waiting on a Song

David Bowie ‎– Transmission (Limited Import)

Digable Planets ‎– Reachin’ (A New Refutation Of Time And Space) (Limited Import)

Drake ‎– Nothing Was The Same (Limited Import)

The Doors ‎– Perception (Greatest Hits 1965-1973) (Limited Import)

Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (180 Gram Vinyl, Download Insert)

Frank Ocean ‎– channel ORANGE (Limited Import, 2LP Colored vinyl)

Frank Ocean ‎– nostalgia, ULTRA. (Limited Import)

Gang Starr ‎– Step In The Arena (Limited Import)

Guns N’ Roses ‎– Appetite For Destruction Alternative Album (Limited Import)

Green Day – Dookie (180 Gram Vinyl)

Greta Van Fleet – Black Smoke Rising

The Grateful Dead – Best Of The Grateful Dead Live: 1969-1977 – Vol 1 (2PC)

Hank Mobley – Caddy For Daddy (180 Gram Vinyl, Spain – Import)

Imagine Dragons – Evolve

Jimi Hendrix – Axis: Bold As Love (180 Gram Vinyl)

Judas Priest – Firepower (180 Gram Vinyl, Gatefold LP Jacket, Download Insert, 2PC)

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts – Greatest Hits (Remastered, 2PC)

Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Limited Edition, Poster, 3PC)

Kanye West ‎- Kon The Louis Vuitton Don (Limited Import, Clear Vinyl)

Kendrick Lamar – Good Kid, M.A.A.D City (2PC)

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard – Gumboot Soup (indie only colored vinyl)

Weekly Review:

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard: Gumboot Soup

The amazing rock band from Australia, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, released five albums in 2017; and has released a total of thirteen long-players since 2012. Each of their ultra-creative albums has a charm all its own; inventive and to its core, the band has a unique way of keeping you grounded throughout its fun-filled surreal and progressive musical journeys. That notion may be most true on their latest offering, Gumboot Soup.

Gumboot Soup (only available as a file in 2017) has finally arrived in 2018 (orange vinyl with black splatter and red smoke), and it’s a dandy. This is an album that features a fully mature musical vision, complete with inspirational lyricism, precise vocals, and polished instrumentalism.

Side one starts with the band sounding something like they did on the pleasant and uplifting earlier 2017 release, Sketches on Brunswick East (a fun album about their hometown). “Beginner’s Luck” recaptures the band’s personal side, like Sketches. However, the second cut, “Greenhouse Heat Death” shatters any illusion Gumboot Soup will be a light record. This song is ominous, even threatening. What happened to the playful guys in the band? There is a seriousness here that’s in stark contrast to typical stuff from the band. Here they seem to be channeling dark, nihilistic forces using uncharacteristically diverse musical styles to make their point that not everything is sunny. There are times you almost forget this album is a King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard album; but just when things get darkest, the band swings its thematic pendulum (on side two) back toward optimism: “The Last Oasis”, “All Is Known”, and “I’m Sleepin’ In” remind us of the critical importance of taking care of yourself in a world, seemingly, coming apart at the seams. In the end, that’s where King Gizzard and the Lizard are at their best; we love their fun-loving approach to making music; that’s why we listen to music. Listening to this band takes our minds off the craziness that’s surely out there. Gumboot Soup helps us appreciate the good life since it points out most emphatically that nothing’s guaranteed.

Like I said, this album is a mature musical statement by an incredibly creative and professional group of musicians. It’s serious, yes, but ultimately, very satisfying.


King Tuff – Other

Lula Reed – Blue and Moody

Lee Fields – Let’s Talk It Over (Deluxe Edition, 2PC)

Lorde – Melodrama (Deluxe Edition)

Michael Jackson – Off The Wall (Gatefold LP Jacket)

Michael Jackson – Thriller

Michael Jackson – Scream (2PC glow in the dark vinyl)

The Moondoggies – Love Sleeps Deep

Muddy Waters – Best Of Muddy Waters (Picture Disc Vinyl LP, Canada – Import)

Metallica – Garage Days Re-revisited (remastered) (Colored Vinyl, Red, Orange, Indie Exclusive)

Ministry – Greatest Fits (180 Gram Vinyl, Limited Edition, Colored Vinyl, Gatefold LP Jacket, Indie Exclusive)

MGMT – Oracular Spectacular (180 Gram Vinyl)

Nels Cline – Currents, Constellations

Parliament – Mothership Connection

Pink Floyd ‎– Zabriskie Point The Complete Sessions Vol. One (Limited Import)

Pink Floyd ‎– Zabriskie Point The Complete Sessions Vol. Two (Limited Import)

Pink Floyd – Obscured By Clouds (180 Gram Vinyl)

Pink Floyd – More (180 Gram Vinyl)

Place to Bury Strangers – Pinned (brainwashing Machine Edition) (Colored Vinyl, Pink, 2PC)

Portishead – Roseland NYC Live (180 Gram Vinyl, 2PC)

Psychedelic Witchcraft – Sound Of The Wind (Gatefold LP Jacket)

Weekly Review:

Psychedelic Witchcraft – “Sound Of The Wind”

Do you hear that? That sound? It’s psychedelia of the late 60’s & early 70’s bubbling up again in today’s music from bands like Elephant Stone, Sunflower Bean, KC’s own The Phiistines . . . and Italy’s Psychedelic Witchcraft.

Their second full length LP, “Sound Of The Wind”, was released in November last year in Europe, but recently here in the USA – and it is no sophmore slump. The group, led by vocalist/guitarist Virginia Monti, have taken the elements of Jefferson Airplane and Black Sabbath to create their own vibe. The lead-off instrumental sets the tone with acoustic guitars, tambourines and bongos, until a doomy electric guitar riff takes you to the land of  “The Lords Of War”, with all its heavy riffs and soaring guitar solo.

The stand-out track for me is “Turn Me On”. Hypnotic vocals deliver suggestive lyrics for sure accompanied by a catchy melody, showing that there is much more than just doom & gloom on the minds of this talented band.

All in all, this is the type of album that I wish similar band, Blood Ceremony, would have put out as the follow-up to their highly acclaimed “The Eldritch Dark” (2013)…however, I have grown an appreciation for “Lord Of Misrule” (2016) over time. THIS album by Psychedelic Witchcraft took no time at all to warm up to! And I think you will also succumb to their spell . . . and the sound of the wind.


Radiohead – In Rainbows (180 Gram Vinyl)

Rob Zombie – Hellbilly Deluxe

Ron Gallo – Heavy Meta (150 Gram Vinyl, Poster, Digital Download Card)

Prince ‎– HITNRUN Phase Two (Colored Vinyl, Limited Import)

Prince – Purple Rain(180 Gram Vinyl, Remastered)

Queen ‎– Innuendo (Limited Import)

Rage Against the Machine – Evil Empire

Screaming Females- All At Once

Weekly Review:

 Lucky Number 7-

Indie rock band Screaming Females, from New Brunswick, Jersey have delivered gold on this their seventh album “At Once” marking the seventh full-length album for the band. 

 The Second


 T song followed by a “Guns N Roses” guitar shred.

The albums title is as true as can be, as they seem to throw a lot at the listener “All at Once”, and in true punk fashion they do it in a very short period of time. But, what they bring mostly all works well, especially the top half of the album.

Screaming Females have found a clear definition of themselves with this and the critically claimed predessessor “Rose Mountain”.

Pick up this album from the staff at The Vinyl Underground and give them your support for the upcoming Record Store Day.   

Albert Schmurr

Seu Jorge ‎– The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions (Clear Vinyl, Limited Import)

Sublime – Robbin The Hood (Colored Vinyl, Indie Exclusive)

Talking Heads – Talking Heads: 77 (180 Gram Vinyl)

Tyler the Creator ‎– Bastard (Limited Import, Colored Vinyl)

Tech N9ne – Special Effects (2PC)

Tom Petty – Greatest Hits (2PC)

Uncle Tupelo – No Depression (180 Gram Vinyl)

Wye Oak – Louder I Call The Faster It Runs (indie only colored vinyl)

The Weeknd – Beauty Behind the Madness (2PC)

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