The Velvet Underground – Loaded — — Album Review

The Velvet Underground – Loaded

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“Loaded” is the fourth and what many hardcore fans consider to be the final studio album by legendary art-rock band Velvet Underground.
It would be the last album to feature founding member Lou Reed, who quit shortly before “Loaded’s” release in 1970. Other original members Sterling Morrison and Maureen Tucker would leave VU in 1971.
Though she was credited on the album, Tucker doesn’t actually appear on Loaded (she was pregnant at the time of the recording). Drumming duties were handled by bassist Doug Yule, recording engineer Adrian Barber, session musician Tommy Castanero and Yule’s brother Billy.
The album’s title is a humorous double entendre referencing Atlantic’s request for a record “loaded with hits” and the band’s association with heavy drug use and beatnik culture.
The sound of “Loaded” is a clear departure from VU’s three previous records. It was widely aimed at a more commercial sound in hope of increased radio airplay.
Even though Reed is credited with being the main songwriter, Yule took on a larger role in the band as far as arrangements and singing. He handles lead vocals on three of the albums ten tracks.
Even though “Loaded” never achieved the commercial success it aspired to, it did produce some of VU’s most popular songs including “Who Love’s the Sun” and “Sweet Jane.”
This limited edition Crystal-Clear vinyl sounds amazing. If you missed out on the 2015 45th anniversary reissue this a great chance to pick up a copy of this iconic album. – Major Matt