Joni Mitchell New Vinyl Thursday

It’s Joni Mitchell New Vinyl Thursday at The Vinyl Underground at 7th Heaven. Check out this week’s list of new vinyl arrivals:

2Pac – All Eyez on Me

Anderson Paak – Ventura

Bon Iver – Blood Bank EP (10th Anniversary Edition, Red Color Vinyl)

Black Sabbath – Paranoid

Chris Stapleton – Traveller

Can – Tago Mago

Caribou – Suddenly

David Bowie – Changesonebowie (180 Gram Vinyl)

Denzel Curry – Unlocked

Giobia – Magnifier

Joni Mitchell – Shine

Jimi Hendrix – Experience Hendrix: The Best Of Jimi Hendrix (150 Gram Vinyl, Gatefold LP Jacket)

John Moreland – Lp5 (Colored Vinyl, Yellow, Indie Exclusive


Lauryn Hill – Miseducation of Lauryn Hill)

Weekly Review:

Lilly Hiatt – Walking Proof

Eight years and four albums into a recording career, Lilly Hiatt has just turned in her latest, “Walking Proof”, and the quick answer is that this album is the highlight in a solid career and will likely be the album that all her future records will likely be judged by.
Across 11 tracks, the Americana/southern rock musician slays it with a mix of sentimental and full-throttle jams that manage to both be highly personal and yet relatable. The record starts off with the slow tempo “Rae,” but just two songs in, on the driving “P-Town,” Hiatt picks up momentum that carries her until the end.
On her previous release, “Trinity Lane”,  Hiatt earned praise for taking a big leap forward and diving into more personal issues. That is also the key to the success of this album as her storytelling  can really bring you in and is completely relatable.
The biggest difference between this and previous albums is her willingness to balance contrasting sounds, new to Lilly’s sound is an ability to shapeshift from country to rock, sometimes in the same song, like “Brightest Star,” with it’s slide guitar laying down alongside a barrage of thick guitar distortion. And while there are plenty of standout moments on the record, “Never Play Guitar,” is certainly one of the best and features her father; legendary song writer, John Hiatt.
With a fantastically eye catching album cover, “Walking Proof”, is well worth a listen and will have the listener back again and again.
So take care out there, and when it’s time to get supplies make a stop at the Vinyl Underground and grab this and other great albums out right now to fight the boredom and the blues.

Albert Schmurr

Marillion – Script For A Jester’s Tear (Deluxe Edition)

Morrissey – I Am Not A Dog On A Chain (Clear Vinyl, Indie Exclusive)

Misfits – Static Age

Patti Smith – Horses

Pearl Jam – Gigaton

Thundercat – It Is What It Is (Colored Vinyl, Cream, 140 Gram Vinyl, Indie Exclusive, Photos)

Tony Allen & Hugh Masekela – Rejoice

Weekly Review:

Waxahatchee- Saint Cloud (Indie Only Colored Vinyl)

Katie Crutchfield, who performs as Waxahatchee has been through a lot of change over the past two years. First, she embraced sobriety, then she embraced her Southern Americana roots, and then she made an awesome record called Saint Cloud. Known for her lo-fi indie rock, Crutchfield reevaluated who she wanted to be, and in doing so found her way back home, not just literally (she writes thoughtful songs about where she is, physically and emotionally) but musically as well. The album is a beautiful mix of Americana & Folk that evokes feelings wide open fields, wild, crazy love and small towns with big secrets.
As soon as the needle settles into the groove we get “Oxbow,” a big-sounding kick drum that pounds on your chest. Its simple enough until the vocals push their way to the forefront. Crutchfield’s vocals cut like a singing saw over the top of the melodic piano. She claims she always knew this was going to be the intro song, and it certainly sets the tone that this album is more sunshine than lo-fi.
While musically the album is sunny, there are lyrical shadows that pull you in. Take for example the song “Arkadelphia,” which tells the story of her friend battling addiction. “If you get real close to the ending / I hope you know I did what I could / We try to give it all meaning / Glorify the grain of the wood / Tell ourselves what’s beautiful and good.” According to Crutchfield, “its almost feeling like you are getting ready to say goodbye.” As with all shadows, the earth rotates and the sun finds its way back in. The song ends with the line “We’re doing our best.”
The song that best sums up the album is “Can’t Do Much.” It’s the ultimate juxtaposition of having someone drive you crazy. Yes, crazy in love, but also drive you crazy crazy. Crutchfield approached the song as “How do I write a love song that conveys the frustration that you can experience while still being totally smitten with somebody?” I can’t help but chuckle that it’s the only song on the album with male harmonized vocals, which makes me wonder if that’s on the list of things that drive her crazy, or drive her CRAZY.
This album is a big ole slice of Americana in the best way. It’s outside music, back porch music, BBQ with friends music. It’s thoughtful, it’s simple, it’s complex. It’s all the things we can expect from Spring in Kansas City… speaking of Kansas City, Crutchfield is now a resident. She moved here to be with her boyfriend, Kansas City native Kevin Morby. She plays Knuckleheads sometime in August, check her out.
Brad Simmons

X – Los Angeles


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