Gorillaz New Vinyl Thursday

It’s Gorillaz New Vinyl Thursday at The Vinyl Underground at 7th Heaven. Check out this week’s list of new vinyl arrivals:

Adrianne Lenker – Songs And Instrumentals

Aquabats – Kooky Spooky In Stereo (Glow In The Dark Vinyl)

Artemis – Artemis

Art Taylor – A.T.’s Delight

Beastie Boys – Beastie Boys Music

Bruce Springsteen – Letter To You (Gatefold LP Jacket, 140 Gram Vinyl, With Booklet)

Brian Eno and John Cale – Wrong Way Up (30th Anniversary) (Bonus Tracks, Anniversary Edition, Digital Download Card, Reissue)

Black Mekon – The Lumpiness Of Demand

Black Merda – The Psych Funk Of Black Merda

Bobby Previte – Music from the Early 21st Century (Colored Vinyl, Gatefold LP Jacket)

Budos Band – Long in the Tooth

Weekly Review:

The title of the NYC-based horn collective Budos Band’s sixth album is a sly wink to the 15 th anniversary
of their debut release. On their early albums, the band blended Afro-beat with 1970s soul and jazz. Later
albums found the ensemble incorporating some motifs and aggression from metal into their all-
instrumental repertoire. Long in the Tooth dials back the heaviness while keeping the intensity, blending
the best elements of more recent releases with the funk from the first albums. In this regard it is the
Budos Band’s most complete album to date – not that the previous five albums were clunkers, by any
The vibrant horns are able to channel the spirit of the Bar Kays from Memphis, Motown’s Funk Brothers
and Ethiopian jazz. Organ, percussion and guitar add elements of Blaxploitation soundtracks and
jazzman Jimmy Smith. It’s hard to listen to “Gun Metal Gray” and not picture Denzel Washington’s cocky
swagger on the movie screen. “Mierda de Toro” adds elements of Ennio Morricone’s spaghetti
Westerns. Later, the band adds a bit of studio trickery psychedelia on “Renegade.”
The Budos Band might be long in the tooth, but they can still pack a dance floor and make the
soundtrack a film you wish would get made. -Joel Francis

Bob Mould – Blue Hearts

Brian Jonestown Massacre – Bringing It All Back Home Again (Limited Edition, 180 Gram Vinyl)

Brian Jonestown Massacre – Strung Out in Heaven

The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds [180 gram Vinyl, Mono Sound]

Beabadoobee – Fake It Flowers

Weekly Review:

At some point, Bea Kristi, better known as Beabadoobee, should look into a tour with Alicia Bognanno
from Bully. Both women create music highly indebted to the sound of 1990s music, albeit from different
perspectives. Bognanno tackles the decade with loud guitars, through the prism of grunge. Kirsti is more
nuanced, recalling Delores O’Riordan from the Cranberries, and Alanis Morissette.
Kristi’s innocent-sounding voice provides a nice counterpoint to the jagged guitars (and casual profanity)
that lace songs that deal with heavy topics. Album opener “Care” addresses the stress Kristi felt growing
up as a bisexual Asian immigrant in London. In “Emo Song” she catches a dishonest partner. Kristi is
particularly brave and honest in “Charlie Brown,” which addresses self-harm.
While the subject matter on Fake It Flowers is serious, the music keeps the album accessible and away
from dark Cure territory (although one could see Kristi mining that vein at some point). There are also
plenty of less-weighty moments, like “Back to Mars,” a song seeking to clarify a friends/more-than-
friends relationship status. “Horen Sarrison” is a string-laden crush number dedicated to Kristi’s artistic
and romantic partner.
Beabadoobee’s debut ends with “Yoshimi, Forest, Magdalene,” a track with enough aggressive guitar
that it would make a perfect encore for Kristi and Bognanno to shred together. -Joel Francis

The Cramps – Stay Sick!

Cigarettes After Sex – Cigarettes After Sex

Daniel Lanois – For The Beauty Of Wynona [Limited 180-Gram Smokey Colored Vinyl]

Danzig – Sings Elvis – (Green Leopard Picture Disc)

Dashboard Confessional – The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most (Orange, Indie Exclusive)

David Bowie – Hunky Dory (180 Gram Vinyl)

Drake – Take Care

Electronic System – Vol. II (Yellow Colored Vinyl, Limited Edition)

The Flaming Lips – American Head

Weekly Review:

The sonic palette for The Flaming Lips’ records really hasn’t changed much in the past 20 years, and
in many ways, American Head is yet another psychedelic headphone treat. Long-time fans kinda
know the sounds to expect: robot-soul ballads, towering fake orchestrations, cosmic Neil Young
balladeering, and a sort of David Gates-meets-Pink Floyd mashup that only makes sense when
listening to The Flaming Lips.
This time around, the band brought some of it strongest songs in a while to the studio. In many
ways, American Head feel like a companion piece to The Soft Bulletin, an album many fans consider
the band’s creative peak. While there are overarching themes of reflection and regret, the songs
work well individually as well as together (which hasn’t always been the case with the band’s
album-length, or even 24-hour, recordings).
Sure, much of the album is about drugs, but a song like “Mother I’ve Taken LSD” has a sort of
university to it if the listener replaces “LSD” with some other regret. The band’s main songwriter
Wayne Coyne also assails the American myth, but with a bit of a soft hand. (Or, at least certainly not
as heavy-handed as he could have been.) Songs like “Assassins of Youth” and “Dinosaurs on the
Mountains” mingle rage and ennui. “Brother Eye” is that sci-fi Zuma power ballad that Coyne has
become known for, but this time he’s reflecting on a troubled relationship and not pink robots. And
maybe because the songs are so strong, Kacey Musgraves’ duet with Coyne on “God and the
Policeman” feels appropriate and not just a novelty.
The Flaming Lips never really went away since The Soft Bulletin, but Coyne’s parties and knack for
publicity stunts have occasionally overshadowed his band’s music. There is no need for The
Flaming Lips to return to form, just to strong songwriting and more studio chicanery. And,
fortunately, it does just that with American Head. -Jonathon Smith

Funkadelic ‎– Maggot Brain

Frankie Witch Fingers – Monsters Eating People Eating Monsters

Weekly Review:

For a band that formed less than a decade ago, Frankie Witch Fingers have been busy. Monsters Eating
People Eating Monsters is the group’s fifth album in eight years and follow-up to last year’s Zam.
Frankie Witch Fingers are often called a garage rock band, and while that aesthetic is definitely
prominent in the quartet’s sound, they cast a much wider net. Monsters Eating People opens with
“Activate,” a cut that could have been an outtake from Santana’s Abraxas. The next song, “Reaper,” is
heavy enough to stand alongside early Black Sabbath. This gives way to the more traditional psychedelic
garage number “Sweet Freak.”
Each song emerges directly from the one before it. This no-huddle programming allows the album to
build momentum as it progresses and forces the listener to deal with it as a whole, instead of cherry-
picking moments. The result is an album that should appeal not only to fans of garage and psychedelic
rock, but fans of heavy rock and stoner rock as well. It’s not hard to imagine hearing the performances
on Monsters Eating People Eating Monsters as a cohesive live set. With any luck we’ll be able to
experience them in person at some point. -Joel Francis

Gorillaz – Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timez (Deluxe Edition)

Gorillaz – Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timez (Indie Exclusive, Orange Colored Vinyl)

Gorillaz – The Now Now (Digital Download Card)

Gregory Porter – Liquid Spirit

INXS – Kick

J.S. Ondara – Folk N’ Roll Vol. 1: Tales Of Isolation

Juice Wrld – Legends Never Die

Jimi Hendrix – Axis: Bold As Love (180 Gram Vinyl)

Joel Ross – Kingmaker

Justin Townes Earle – Kids In The Street (150 Gram Vinyl, Digital Download Card)

Justin Townes Earle – Saint Of Lost Causes (Gatefold LP Jacket, 150 Gram Vinyl)

Lera Lynn – On My Own (Gatefold LP Jacket)

Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin 3 (180 Gram Vinyl)

The Mountain Goats – Getting Into Knives (Colored Vinyl, Indie Exclusive, Digital Download Card)

Miles Davis – Bitches Brew

Metallica – Master Of Puppets

Nipsey Hussle – Victory Lap

Pennywise – About Time (Silver Vinyl, Indie Exclusive)

The Replacements – Let It Be

Rolling Stones – Steel Wheels Live From Atlantic City, NJ 1989 (180 Gram Vinyl, Limited Edition, Blue Colored Vinyl)

Rolling Stones – Sticky Fingers

Raveonettes – Pretty in Black

Ryuichi Sakamoto – Summer Nerves (Yellow Vinyl)

Red Hot Chili Peppers- Greatest Hits

Rage Against the Machine – Rage Against The Machine [20th Anniversary]

Smashing Pumpkins – Aeroplane Flies High (Deluxe Edition)

Songhoy Blues – Optimisme

Shock – Electrophonic Funk [180 gram Vinyl, Limited Edition, Clear Vinyl]

Sade – The Best Of Sade [180 gram Vinyl]

Sturgill Simpson – Sound & Fury

Talking Heads – More Songs About Buildings And Food

Talking Heads – Speaking In Tongues [180 gram Vinyl]

Talking Heads – Remain in Light

Tom Petty – Wildflowers and All the Rest

Weekly Review:

Wildflowers is the crown jewel in Tom Petty’s catalog, but has been a white whale for collectors. The
album has only been available on vinyl as an expensive first pressing or as part of a pricey box set. Now,
more than 25 years after its release, Wildflowers is not only finally getting a stand-alone release, but
also in other editions packed with outtakes, live tracks, b-sides and more.
In 1994, Tom Petty was riding a hot streak that included hit singles like “Free Fallin’” and “Mary Jane’s
Last Dance” and two albums with Bob Dylan and Beatle George Harrison as the Travelling Wilburys.

Music videos featuring stars like Johnny Depp and Kim Basinger were in constant rotation on MTV.
Wildflowers not only produced hits (“You Don’t Know How It Feels” and “You Wreck Me”), but
introspective songs (“Wake Up Time”) and straight up jams (“Honey Bee”). It is a perfect record.
Yet Petty’s original vision for Wildflowers was as a double album. Wildflowers and All the Rest gathers
those stray tracks and constructs what might have been the accompanying platter. Some of the songs
appeared in a different form on the She’s the One Soundtrack. Others appear here for the first time. An
additional 15 home recordings provide insight into Petty’s writing process. A line from an early version
of “You Don’t Know How it Feels” gets moved to “Crawling Back to You” on the album.
Finally, the most tricked-out edition contains most of the album performed in concert, along with a pair
of non-album songs. As with the original album, there’s not much in the expanded editions that feels
inessential. It is an absolute joy to be able to listen to these songs come together for the album, then
grow in concert. Reach as deep in your pocketbook as you are able. -Joel Francis

Theo Parrish – Black Jazz Signature

Various Artists – The Many Faces Of Iron Maiden (180 Gram Vinyl, Gatefold LP Jacket, Limited Edition, Yellow & Red Vinyl)

Various Artists – Blue Note Re:imagined

William Elliott Whitmore – I’m With You (180 Gram Vinyl, Digital Download Card)

XTC – Nonsuch

Weekly Review:

The reissue series of XTC’s catalog continues with the band’s 12 th album, 1992’s Nonsuch. The album is
presented in a gatefold sleeve and contains the original mixes (not the Steve Wilson remixes) on 200-
gram vinyl.
Nonsuch found Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding working in a distinctly English mode. Many of the 17
songs are character studies set against ornate, mature pop arrangements. The jangly, harmonica-driven
opening track “The Ballad of Peter Pumpkin” was an MTV hit. “Crocodile” sounds like They Might be
Giants trying to be R.E.M. Tender piano ballads “Rook” and “Wrapped in Grey” are some of Partridge’s

best compositions. The peppy “Dear Madam Barnum” could have been on the band’s previous album,
the psychedelic triumph Oranges and Lemons.
XTC went dark for the better part of a decade following Nonsuch. This decision continues to disappoint
music fans, but in the context of Nonsuch it would have been interesting to hear what such a distinctly
English band would have contributed to the Brit-pop movement. As it stands, it feels good to finally be
able to add this to a record collection without paying an arm and a leg. -Joel Francis

Upcoming Events: 

The Event Formerly Known As Record Store Day will be happening over three days: Click HERE to RSVP to the 3rd Drop and for more info as we have it.

RSD Drop #3 preview

I don’t know about you, but I am really starting to enjoy these monthly Record Store Days. This
Saturday, October 24, will be the third Record Store Day drop this year. Hopefully you were able to join
us in August or September. If so, THANK YOU – you know the drill. If you’ve been to Seventh Heaven for
Record Store Day another time, this one will be mostly the same – with some important changes.
Here’s what hasn’t changed: Seventh Heaven has ordered every RSD title and will have them priced
below retail. Sealed, single-serving cans of pop and candy bars are available for all.
Seventh Heaven will open at 7 a.m. and has implemented several changes to keep both you and staff
safe. While waiting in line, please stay six feet apart from your fellow record fans. Everyone entering the
store is required to wear a mask over his or her nose and mouth at all times.
Once inside, there will be several tables set up with RSD goods in the old space downstairs. There will be
a limit of two people per table. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of open space to maintain social
distancing inside. Learn more about Record Store Day Drop #3 HERE.

Here are 10 RSD releases dropping this Saturday I’m excited about:
The Allman Brothers Band – An Evening with the Allman Brothers Band: First Set (limited to 1,000
Miles Davis – Double Image: Rare Miles from the Bitches Brew Sessions (limited to 6,000 copies)
Freddie Gibbs and Madlib – Pinata: The 1974 Version (limited to 2,000 copies)
Charles Mingus – Mingus Ah Um Redux (limited to 2,000 copies)
Suede – The London Suede (limited to 1,500 copies)
Sumy – Funkin’ In Your Mind (12” vinyl, limited to 1,500 copies)
Bob Mould – Circle of Friends (limited to 2,000 copies)
Tres Vampires – self-titled (12” vinyl, limited to 950 copies)
Various Artists – Double Whammy! A 1960s Garage Rock Rave-Up (limited to 2,000 copies)
Warren Zevon – Greatest Hits (According to Judd Apatow) (limited to 4,500 copies)

Black Friday Record Store Day 2020 is going to be Friday, November 27th. Click HERE to RSVP.

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