Freight Train Rabbit Killer New Vinyl Thursday

It’s Freight Train Rabbit Killer New Vinyl Thursday at The Vinyl Underground at 7th Heaven. Check out this week’s list of new vinyl arrivals:

Arcade Fire – WE (White Colored Vinyl, 180 Gram Vinyl, Gatefold LP Jacket, Poster)

Arctic Monkeys- AM

Buffalo Nichols – Buffalo Nichols

Belle and Sebastian – A Bit of Previous (Indie Exclusive)

Brother Ah – Divine Music

Billy Strings- Renewal

Caroline Spence – True North

Cowboy Junkies -Songs of the Recollection

Weekly Review:

The Canadian quartet Cowboy Junkies made their name in the alt-country scene in the late ‘80s with a
cover of “Sweet Jane” and have demonstrated in the decades since they know how to inhabit and
reinterpret classic songs. Because the Junkies are adept at turning out amazing original material, Songs
of the Recollection is only the group’s second all-covers affair, and first since 2005.
David Bowie’s “Five Years” kicks off the album with a feeling of longing, but the mood quickly shifts to an
oddly celebratory version of Gram Parson’s “Ooh Las Vegas.” Michael Timmon’s guitar sets the tone for
many tracks, bringing a gentle slide guitar part to the Rolling Stones’ “No Expectations” and sheets of
jagged sound on Neil Young’s “Don’t Let It Bring You Down.” On The Cure’s “Seventeen Seconds,”
Timmons’ playing is gnarled and mysterious.
Almost half of the album’s nine songs have been previously released on tribute albums or EPs over the
years, making Songs of the Recollection feel a bit like a clearing house. Fortunately, the performances
hang together well, despite some being recorded decades a part.
From expected songs by the usual suspects – two songs each from Young and Parsons and one by
Gordon Lightfoot and old friend Vic Chesnutt – to unexpected covers of The Cure and Bowie, and a
reading of Bob Dylan’s “I’ve Got My Mind Made Up to Give Myself to You” that somehow hits both
categories, Songs of the Recollection is a great addition to an underrated catalog. -Joel Francis

Claypool Lennon Delirium – Lime And Limpid Green (10-Inch Vinyl)

Charley Crockett – Lil G.l. Presents: Jukebox Charley

Charli XCX – Crash (Gray Colored Vinyl, Indie Exclusive)

Childish Gambino – Awaken My Love (Black, 140 Gram Vinyl)

Deftones – White Pony

Daft Punk – Homework

Daft Punk – Tron: Legacy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Gatefold LP Jacket, 180 Gram Vinyl)

Decasia – An Endless Feast For Hyenas (Colored Vinyl)

Def Leppard – Pyromania

Dua Lipa – Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa – Future Nostalgia

Dusty Springfield – See All Her Faces: 50th Anniversary -(Limited Edition, Expanded Version)

Dusty Springfield – The Complete Atlantic Singles 1968-1971 (Gatefold LP Jacket)

Dusty Springfield – There’s A Big Wheel (180 Gram Vinyl)

Envy of None – Envy Of None

Eddie Vedder – Ukulele Songs

Freight Train Rabbit Killer – Hammer of Judgment

Weekly Review:

Freight Train Rabbit Killer is an amalgamation of two Kansas City local legends.

Mark Smeltzer “RabbitKiller” is a diy musician and multimedia artist who also builds his own acoustic instruments. Americana, primitivism and blues influenced folk culture coupled with his ghostly signature rabbit head designs are core elements in his dark and twisted artistic vision.
Whether it’s performing solo, as a duo with his wife Havilah, or with their garage roots rock band “Cadillac Flambé,” Kristopher Bruders has been a force on the KC music scene for decades. His powerful baritone voice resonates in your bones like a warm shot of whisky. But his warmth as a human, both as a performer and supporter/ curator of local music, resonates with  many (yours truly included).
For years this power duo has been wowing crowds with their unique form of psych infused minimal blues rock. Their hauntingly masked stage appearances and swampy electrified sound has garnered a loyal local KC fan base, and recently throughout the US and Europe as well.
After a a successful run of four 7 inches in 2019 and some obligatory pandemic setbacks, local KC label Haymaker Records has just released FTRC’s debut LP “Hammer Of Judgement,” on Royal blue vinyl. And I’m happy to say it was well worth the wait!
Over just three nights in a studio in St Paul, MN, accompanied by local KC rhythm section: Fritz Hutchinson on drums and Jason Beers on bass, as well as a small group of friends to help create the special energy of their live shows, the basic tracks for “Hammer Of Judgement” we’re captured.
The southern gothic, psychedelic carnival that is a FTRC live performance seems like a daunting task to capture on record. But amazingly that is just what this crew has managed to do, amazingly in such a relatively short amount of time.
The album kicks off with the up beat psychedelic leaning “Pharmaceuticals” while track two, “Eyes Of the Steamboat Captain” settles into the grinding gear guitar sound that has become a signature for the band.
“Nowadays County Regulators” continues to shovel deep into the sediments of some indescribable nightmare scenario that not even the police can save you from.
The track “Saw Brother Judas” is the quintessential FTRC song. The painful gospel conveyed through Smeltzer’s uniquely tortured and redemptive vocal mixed with distorted bone scraping guitar riffs is the real meat and potatoes magic of this band.
Side A of the record closes out with the back woods stoner rock anthem “You Don’t Love Me Anymore.”
Stand out tracks  on side two include the tripped out Black Mass jig “Mush A Ring Along,” the classic blues stomp “Whisky,” and the haunted house rockabilly number “I Wanna Get Down.”
“Hammer Of Judgment” is definitely in the running for my best album of the year! Like any person growing up in Kansas City, I have had to make my peace with blues music as something simply a part of my DNA.
It’s been a long time since a local KC band has managed to express something unique, while staying connected to some of the musical roots that serve as this cities core foundation. That’s exactly what’s happening here. And I for one am grateful! – Major Matt

Frightened Rabbit – Pedestrian Verse

Girls Against Boys – House of GVSB (25th Anniversary Edition) (White Colored Vinyl, Indie Exclusive)

Hot Garbage – Ride (180 Gram Vinyl, Pink Colored Vinyl)

Ibeyi – Spell 31

Jackson+Sellers – Breaking Point (Poster)

Japanese Breakfast – Sable (Original Video Game Soundtrack)(Gold Colored Vinyl, Indie Exclusive)

Jaco Pastorius – Invitation

Weekly Review:

Jazz legend Jaco Pastorius used his first solo album to prove his virtuosic playing ability. He used his
second to demonstrate his skills as an arranger. When it came time to take those tunes on the road,
Pastorius assembled an all-star band, including trumpet players Randy Brecker and Jon Faddis and
harmonica wizard Toots Thielemans. Live concert recordings from the Japanese leg of this tour provide
the material for Invitation, Pastorius’ third solo release.

Pastorius dominates the elastic opening number and delivers a brief, solo version of “America the
Beautiful” (here, titled “Amerika”) before letting the ensemble shine. Although he never takes a back
seat, Pastorius clearly understands that there is no reason in assembling a group this strong without
giving them the spotlight.
Duke Ellington’s “Sophisticated Lady” is basically a showcase for Thielemans, and Bob Mintzer’s lengthy
solo dominates “The Chicken.” Over on side two, Pastorius wraps his piece “Reza” around John
Coltrane’s “Giant Steps.” It’s a courageous step made even bolder by letting Othello Molineaux carry
Coltrane’s signature melody on his steel drum.
Invitation is a fusion album, but it is also a big band album. As such, it should appeal to a broad swath of
jazz fans. Pastorius’ self-titled debut is still the best place to start with his catalog, but Invitation should
be one of your next stops after that. -Joel Francis

John Coltrane – Blue Train (Limited Blue Colored Vinyl)

Joy Division – Closer (180 Gram Vinyl)

J. Cole – The Off-Season

Kansas – Somewhere To Elsewhere (Colored Vinyl, Red, Limited Edition)

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard – Fishing For Fishies (Green Colored Vinyl)

Lizzo – Cuz I Love You (Deluxe Edition)

Mike Campbell & The Dirty Knobs – External Combustion

Michael Jackson – Thriller (Picture Disc)

Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It on

Madonna – Immaculate Collection

Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It on

Moon Duo – Occult Architecture Vol. 1 (Gray Colored Vinyl)

Moon Duo – Occult Architecture Vol. 2 (Sky Blue Colored Vinyl)

Moon Duo – Stars Are the Light (Neon Pink Colored Vinyl)

Nina Simone – Amazing Nina Simone (180 Gram Vinyl, Bonus Tracks)

Norah Jones – Come Away with Me

Weekly Review:

Twenty years ago, it was impossible to spin the radio dial and not hear “Don’t Know Why.” From NPR
and adult contemporary to jazz and pop, it seemed like the only stations ignoring this song were classic
and hard rock. It is entirely possible that just reading these words has propelled the song back into your
head and for that I’m sorry/you’re welcome.
Now the album that spawned that hit – and three others – and has sold more than 27 million copies
worldwide, receives an anniversary reissue on wax.
It’s not hard to see why Come Away with Me was such a runaway success. The music is elegant and
sophisticated, yet accessible. It can be played at dinner parties with friends and grandparents or
romantic, candlelit occasions. It works as well mid-day, folding laundry, as it does at night, slow dancing.
In the years after this release, Norah Jones has worked hard to subvert this image, collaborating with
everyone from Jeff Tweedy and Billie Joe Armstrong to Outkast and Danger Mouse. Despite these
detours, Come Away with Me remains the essence of Jones’ artistry. -Joel Francis

Opeth – Blackwater Park (180 Gram Vinyl)

Opeth – Ghost Reveries

Pat Martino – Formidable (180 Gram Vinyl)

Pink Floyd – A Saucerful Of Secrets (Limited Edition, 180 Gram Vinyl, Remastered, Mono Sound)

Queen – Greatest Hits

The Replacements – Please To Meet Me

Ramones – The Sire Albums (1981-1989) (RSD Exclusive)

The Residents – Third Reich N Roll

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Unlimited Love (RSD Exclusive)

Scott Walker – Childhood Of A Leader (Original Soundtrack)

Scott Walker + Sunn O))) – Soused (180 Gram Vinyl)

Sharon Van Etten – We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong (Smoke Colored Vinyl)

St Vincent – The Nowhere Inn (Official Soundtrack) (RSD Exclusive)

Sun Ra Arkestra – Live At Babylon (180 Gram Vinyl, Limited Edition)

Sun Ra Arkestra – The Sun Ra Arkestra Meets Salah Ragab in Egypt (Booklet)

Summer Walker – Over It

Tyler, The Creator- Igor

Toro Y Moi – Mahal (Silver Colored Vinyl)

True Loves – Sunday Afternoon (Blue Marbled Vinyl, 180 Gram Vinyl)

The Weekend – Dawn FM
Weekly Review:
The term Bardo, in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, is used to describe a transitional “state of the soul between its death and its rebirth.”
Abel Makkonen Tesfaye‘s (better known as the The Weeknd) latest album, “Dawn FM,”  is the artists very own sonic take on the experience of being “stuck in this purgatory state, which I always imagined would be like being stuck in traffic waiting to reach the light at the end of the tunnel. And while you’re stuck in traffic, they got a radio station playing in the car, with a radio host guiding you to the light and helping you transition to the other side.”
Judging from the first quarter of the album, if “Dawn FM” is what purgatory sounds like, I’m not sure I’d be in such a hurry to leave, because is sounds pretty bumpin’ in there.
Even though the music expresses a more care free era of 80’s synth pop and new wave a la  Michael Jackson and Duran Duran, a deeper dive in the lyrics of the song “Gasoline” reveals a darker vision of intimacy, drug use, and insomnia.
“How Do I Make You Love Me,” if not obvious from the title, is a song about unrequited love that seamlessly cross fades (literally and thematically) into the more ominous “Take My Breath.” The spooky synth track and slow moving LFO’s on this track play against the bouncy club beat yo convey the double entendre of the songs title. In the one sense the song accounts the excitement of love while at the same time pointing out how it can turn suffocating at a moments notice.
Shit gets even more real with “A Tale By Quincy,” a track narrated by Jones sharing  a painful memory about his mother who suffered from dementia and how it has influenced his relationships with women and is own kids.
Tasefey’e’s ability to balance such heavy topics with infectious dance club beats is truly genius.
Actor Jim Cary makes an appearance as the easy listening radio DJ  on the last that introduces the album and appears through the sonic cab ride through the post Morten after life.  Other guest appearances include Tyler the Creator and Lil Wayne.
This is an epic concept album that deals with some pretty heavy subject matter including, depression, jealousy, drug use with an over aching theme of well… basically death. But it’s just so damn catchy and melodic and sonically interesting that the heaviness feels more John Hugh’s film than Gus Van Sant.
In this day and age, where it feels like the hit single is is winning  out over the album,  Dawn FM is a clear win for both sides! – Major Matt
Weekly Review #2:
Abel Tesfaye has developed a lot of music as the Weeknd dedicated to nihilistic pursuits, so it is
somewhat comforting to hear Tesfaye address the inevitable end-game to all this partying on the
Weeknd’s fifth studio album, Dawn FM.
Although Tesfaye has been clear that Dawn FM is not a concept album, there is an overarching theme
running throughout the album courtesy of Jim Carrey’s between-song DJ banter as an afterlife pitchman.
This cohesion fills the album with even more grandeur and drama, while simultaneously lightening the
The best moments on Dawn FM come when Tesfaye unravels. You can hear him falling apart across the
nearly six-minute “Take My Breath.” Later, Tyler the Creator provides the emotional meltdown on “Here
We Go … Again,” singing the line “you gon’ sign this prenup” a little more forcefully each time.
Sonically, Dawn FM is enraptured with the smooth synthesizers of 1980s adult contemporary. Billy
Ocean, Lionel Richie and “Kokomo”-era Beach Boys are the touchstones here. It all adds up to the best
moment in the Weeknd’s already strong catalog. -Joel Francis

Warpaint – Radiate Like This (Yellow Clear Vinyl, Gatefold LP Jacket, Indie Exclusive)

The Walker Brothers – Nite Flights (180 Gram Vinyl)

The Who – A Quick One (Half-Speed Mastering)

The Who – Greatest Hits (Limited Edition, Red Colored Vinyl)

The Who – My Generation (Half-Speed Mastering)

Willie Nelson – A Beautiful Time

Weekly Review:

Willie Nelson turned 89 years old the same day he released his 72nd studio album. More than a
generation past the point of having anything to prove, Nelson doesn’t offer any surprises on A Beautiful
Time, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a rewarding listen.

Death has been a cornerstone of country music since the beginning, but Nelson’s musings on mortality
have picked up in recent years as more and more of his friends pass on. Several departed pals are
namechecked on “I Don’t Go to Funerals” (which ends with the punchline “and I won’t be at mine”).
Thoughts on the end of life and the hereafter dominate more than half of the album, inspiring tunes
wistful, inspirational, obstinate and resigned.
Nelson’s voice is noticeably thinner, but his sound is still timeless. The solo that opens “We’re Not Happy
(Till You’re Not Happy)” could have been plucked from the ambitious songwriting cycles of Nelson’s
Atlantic era or the groundbreaking outlaw albums from his time on Columbia. Nelson’s pen is as vibrant
as his playing. He co-wrote five of the album’s 14 songs with producer Buddy Cannon and can still
deliver great lines such as “She could turn right on a nickel/And give you back four cents in change” on
“My Heart was a Dancer.”
Nelson is so consistent and prolific that it’s almost detrimental to his artistry. Because there’s always a
new album a few months around the corner, it is easy to take him for granted. A Beautiful Time is a
tender reminder that Nelson won’t be here forever and should be celebrated while he is in our
presence. -Joel Francis


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