7th Heaven’s Rap Attack #5

7th Heaven’s Rap Attack #5 is here!

Attention attackers! It’s hot as Hell outside and in the music scene. I hope that you’re stayin cool but still kickin it and keepin the summer beats thumpin. Let’s get started……….


Rich The Factor – S.M.I.L.E. (Scritch Make It Look Easy.)
With old school throw back beats like #5 with Al B Sure’s “Night and Day” or #6 with Whitney Houston, and lyrics like “heavy in the you know petty niggaz lame,” let’s us know that Rich is back and hungry. If Rich The Factor is hungry for music, then we the fans are starving! With 10 tracks at 7th Heaven NOW! Welcome Home! KC is glad you’re back doin what you do best.


J.Stalin – I Shoulda Stayed in School
He’s been gone for a min, but comes back strong with “I shoulda stayed in school.” Stalin delivers a gangsta laid back beats with a few tracks that knock real hard. With melodic sounds like “I’m Real,” which is my favorite or “violin” and can’t forget “The turn up is real” 12 tracks on the Hip Hop, R&B floor.


Snoop Dogg – Coolaid
Let me start by saying thank you for a great album. With all the essence of Doggystyle, The last Meal, and hint of Sexual Seduction. (All great albums btw.) “Coolaid” is a good laidback ride through the city chillin type of album. With that good smoke of course. Collaborating with Swizz Beatz, Jazzy PHA, and Too Short. In “Affiliated” even Ms. Debra Lewis is in the intro. (I don’t want nobody fuckin’ with me in these streets) lol. “Point seen Money gone” with Jeremiah. And I must give you my favorite hands down “Two or More”  this is must have for the Summer!

And don’t forget at 7th Heaven you can get mix Cds, Apparel, Blue tooth, and FREE DOWNLOADS! Just come to 7621 Troost Ave KCMO. Stay cool hydrated and keep that music spinning…


Written by  Aj Hall


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